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Passionate about your comfort! We are on a mission to bring you the comfiest of beds and sofas, delivered and installed to your home at the best value.

We believe in staying inside your comfort zone

Life can be hard but relaxing at home should be easy. When we take thetime to slow down, relax and recharge, we’re better prepared to tackle daily challenges and setbacks – and we have more energy for the fun stuff, too! That’s why, at the Comfy Co., we’re dedicated to sourcing top-quality, stylish and, above all, super comfortable furniture

We’re also committed to taking the stress out of finding the perfect pieces for your home. Shopping for a new mattress or sofa should be as relaxing as falling into one at the end of the day. Our customer experience team are always happy to help and are ready to answer any questions. Rest easy: you’re in good hands.

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